Blue Meadow is the response from Alonso and Charlotte to AUT's Raising the Baa design competition. 
RAISING THE BAA: Developing Innovative Applications for Coarse Wool

Goal: Using coarse wool to create community gardens through aeroponic agriculture systems
Proposal: Blue Meadow Foods integrates coarse wool and aeroponic horticulture to create aerial structures of hanging crops. Our focus is to develop a scalable system for personal, commercial and public food gardens for urban areas. The concept is specifically aimed at cities as urban island heating naturally allows for longer growing period, aerial webs of crops made from knitted coarse wool would take advantage of this while also using the wools natural filtration to create cleaner air in these urban areas. Desired outcomes would include; feeding two people for a month, the ability to regrow all plants for the following month, harvesting crops for collaborations with AUT hospitality, and ultimately launching a campaign for food grown with wool.
Unique in regards to contemporary;
• Uses of coarse wool
• Urban horticulture
• Rural horticulture
• Outdoor maker spaces
• Use of urban heat island phenomenon
• Free sustainable food sources
• Conservation of New Zealand's rivers and water ways                                                      • Appropriation of unused urban aerial spaces
• Increase of social capital in densely populated areas
• Shift of consciousness in respect to food waste
• Shift of consciousness in respect to nutrition

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