My object is a book. The data that informed the design of the book came from the New Zealand time use survey. Specifically Time Spent on detailed primary activities (total population) 1998/99 and 2009/10; Mass media and free-time activities: thinking, reflecting, relaxing, resting and planning, and Child Care: time spent playing, reading and talking with child (both from table 1).
The book deals with the concept of people spending less time thinking, reflecting, relaxing, resting and planning and instead more time playing, reading and talking with children.
As you turn the pages of a lovingly worn romance novel the pages get progressively shorter and are replaced with Elmer’s Colours. Showing the decrease of one and the increase of the other, while still retaining the mass of the original book.
Each of the thicker cardboard pages of Elmer’s Colours are sewn to several of Lucy Walker’s Shining River pages with colourful thread. The different colours used represents the playfulness that adults share with children during the time they spend together. Overall my object wasn’t designed to make an opinionated comment on the data, rather show the general facts as they are.
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